Recently there were new rules put into place for chest protectors for lacrosse players.  The new required padding is great as it has extra protection around the heart.  It is designed to decrease heart injuries and keep players safer. 


However, these mandatory protectors are not cheap and sadly not everyone can afford these new pads.  I know some guys that cannot buy these new protectors and that is not fair to them to not be allowed to play.  I am fortunate that my parents were able to buy me the required chest protector so I can continue to play the sport I love. 

After thinking about talented athletes who can no longer play , I decided I wanted to help everyone be able to enjoy lacrosse and be safe. 

I have a business called LongPoleLife.com and my family helped me set up a foundation called Longpole 4 Life Foundation, Inc. (I worked with my dad to register it as a 501(C)(3)). 

The purpose of Longpole 4 Life is to make sure that any person who wants to play lacrosse will have the ability to afford the required and proper safety equipment. 

My goal 
...is to allow anyone who wants to participate in lacrosse to not be prevented from doing so just because they cannot afford the equipment.  The pads and the helmet are the most important and expensive things and unlike a stick, they cannot really be passed down from older players.  
Logan Weiss

So I am working on ways to raise funds and awareness to help everyone play lacrosse safely.  I was hit in the chest at the end of 2021 and I am so glad I had this extra protection.  I know that Longpole 4 Life will assist other players, but in my mind, it helps me become a more caring and giving person. 

I am very fortunate to be a part of a family that can afford the newest lacrosse equipment to keep me safe and on the field.  This has made me appreciate what I have and makes me want to help everyone that I can.  The feeling I get from doing good things for others is even better than scoring the game winning goal in a lacrosse game.

Logan Weiss